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Location: New Delhi

Our consulting internships focus on the area of the fast growing, exciting area of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

As an intern, you will initially get exposure to all the major areas of work CSR India covers. This will give you a better understanding of the major functions and help you establish what area you’re are best at. Further into the internship, you will have the opportunity to focus on a specific area. You will be reporting to the Managing Partner and the Chief Engagement Officer.

-You will support our Managing Partner and Chief Engagement Officer in Operational tasks in the first holistic sustainability development consulting firm of the country.

-You will get to learn Pre-Sales, Marketing and Consulting– all while making a real impact on a fast-growing company.

-Assist in the execution creation of Sales collaterals

-Assist with developing marketing strategies for promoting the organization and services offered

About the company- CSR India:

CSR India is one of India’s fastest growing consultancies. The goal is to be the ‘Mckinsey of CSR’. CSR India is a consulting and project management firm engaged in promoting responsible business practices in India. They advise and support companies in India to create a sustainable future for people and the planet and through this, to improve business performance.

CSR India practice areas include consulting, project management, research, Education, Employee engagement and CXO headhunting.

CSR Consulting Services

CSR India leverages the experience and expertise of their consultants and independent experts to provide innovative corporate responsibility & sustainability strategies across different markets and industries, with a vision to increase the business performance and overall competitiveness of their clients. CSR India helps with areas including:
• A holistic corporate responsibility strategy that leverages your organization’s capabilities and strategic resources and addresses the sustainability challenges being faced by your organization and its stakeholders.
• A keen market insight to identify key environmental and social trends and assess their strategic and financial impact on your business.
• A thorough assessment of your current CSR programs to identify strengths and gaps.
• Specific goals and KPIs to ensure your CSR targets are met
• A 360 degree approach to program implementation to ensure transparency, speed, efficiency and impact.
• Impact assessments to evaluate the effectiveness of your CSR strategy. – See more at:

Project Management Services

CSR India specialises in managing local and national CSR projects for our customers. Their project specialists help organisations with a strategic and systematic approach to managing the implementation process. Implementation or ‘the delivery of social services’ such as healthcare, education, sanitation etc. is carried out by their partners that possess the core expertise and experience in their particular fields of work or geographical areas. CSR India focuses on:

• Conducting need assessments and baseline surveys, which accurately identify the socio-economic and sustainability challenges that need to be addressed through the project.
• A feasibility study that provides an assessment of the key success factors of the project and evaluates the realistic likelihood of its success.
• Providing detailed project planning & budgeting to ensure a smooth implementation process and sound financial management.
• On-ground project implementation and supervision at every stage of the implementation process to ensure an efficient and effective achievement of targets with maximum impact.
• Monitoring & evaluation of the project outcome on an on-going basis to minimise deviation.
• Creating an impact assessment report to communicate the project achievements to your organization’s stakeholders and shareholders

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